About this service

Our enhanced webcasting and video-on-demand service (introduced in November 2019) makes it easier to navigate and search conference recordings by agenda item or by speaker, and to access related documents.

Watch a quick demo of the new features

Note: During live webcasting, some users may experience a short time-lag between the appearance of the speaker tag in the timeline and the corresponding video feed. We apologize for any confusion caused by this technical issue



 Use the search box to search videos by:

  • a speaker (i.e. name of delegation); 
  • an agenda item (or an exact word in an Agenda Item); or
  •         a meeting name, or meeting code.

If you do not get the expected search results, please ensure that you have ticked the relevant check-box on the search page; and that there are no spaces before the search term. 


Language channels

Use the “Audio Language” button to select “Original” language (i.e. language used by the speakers on the Conference floor) or to follow the interpretation channel in one of the six official UN languages.  You can use the Audio Language button to switch language at any time.


Disclaimer: The interpretation of proceedings serves to facilitate communication and does not constitute an authentic record. Only the original speech is authentic.

WIPO Speech-to-Text (S2T) transcripts

Language versions of the transcripts in the six UN official languages are generated automatically from the English text by WIPO Translate.

Automated text transcripts, synchronized with the audiovisual recording and powered by WIPO Artificial Intelligence (AI), are available here, shortly after meeting sessions. Includes full-text search.  (Note: During the current pilot phase WIPO S2T is only available for meetings of the CDIP and SCP. More information in Assemblies document A/59/9, Records of WIPO Meetings.)


 For help, or to report issues, please contact us.


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